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Active Ethical Informed Citizens and Sustainable Development Goals at Fochriw Primary School 2021-2022

What Impact does Philosophy for Children have at Fochriw Primary School? Case Study of Excellence for Sapere.

Philosophy for Children in Action. Pupil Voice and Authentic, Engaging, Learning Experiences.

We Visit Museums and Follow Lines of Enquiry and Challenges About Local History, People and Places

Continued Community Working with the Church Autumn 2019

Our Special Prayer at Fochriw Primary School

Exploring and Critically Engaging with Local Issues as Responsible Citizens of Wales

Collaborating with the Darren Valley Historical Society (Since 2017-18)

Investigating the Newport Transporter Bridge Connecting Areas of Learning and Experience

St Tyfaelogs Church, Pontlottyn - Holy Week with a feature from HT Mrs. Pascoe and the creative symbolism from the children.

The partnership with the church once again has helped our children understand the key events in the Christian calendar. The creative expression and understanding is to be celebrated for all the community to see!

A celebration of the culmination of the creativity and expression by the junior pupils at Fochriw Primary School for Holy Week. (Partnership with the Church in Wales Llandaff Diocese and St Tyfaelogs Church).