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What is the school Governing Body?

The school governing body is a group of people who work closely with the Headteacher and senior staff to ensure that pupils get a good balanced education. The role of the governing body is to represent the community in the running of the school. Every school is required to have a governing body, and there are statutory roles and responsibilities that governors have to fulfill.

What does the governing body do?

The governing body has three key roles that it is required to fulfill:

  • The strategic role involves ensuring that the school has clear aims and a vision that is supported by the school community and enacted through clear plans and goals. In this role governors work with staff to ensure that the school has all the resources it needs, and that these are used well and in line with agreed plans.
  • The 'critical friend' role monitoring and evaluating how the school is progressing towards it aims. As a critical friend, governors need to ask 'tough' questions if necessary, but also to celebrate the many successes of the school.
  • The accountability role requires governors to hold the school accountable for the standards it achieves, and to account for the performances of the school to the wider community.


Our Governing Body


Type of GovernorNameStart 
HeadteacherMrs Sharon Pascoe23/02/2015 
Chair of GovernorsMr Jamie Elliott14/02/202031/01/2024
Community GovernorsMrs Julie Redwood26/03/2019  25/03/2023  
 Mrs Michelle Harris22/10/201922/10/2023
LA AppointedMr Robert Chapman  
 CB Cllr DT Hardacre    
 Mr Paul Roberts  
Minor AuthorityMrs Carol Challenger 04/04/2023
Teacher RepresentativeMiss Rebecca Johns 19/11/2023
Staff RepresentativeMiss Jay Dash 08/02/2025
Parent Representative  Miss Kirsty Evans 30/09/2024

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